Doctor Reza - The Specialist in Treatment of Sarcoidosis

I have been treating adult patients suffering from minor or acute Sarcoidosis or sarcoid, over the last 20 years or so, in Kolkata and the U.K. As a specialist in diseases related to the chest and lymph glands, I have found that the condition is more common among youth and sometimes found in older adults.

Sarcoidosis is an inflammatory bacterial disease that usually infects your lungs, skin and eyes. The germs can infect either a specific part of your body or several body parts simultaneously. Why this condition affects one is still unknown. This is not spread by touch.

Sarcoidosis usually persists for a few weeks and clears up on its own. Occasionally it may need to be treated with paracetamols or aspirins. The swollen lymph glands may take time to subside (maybe a few months) but does not affect recovery. However, it is essential to do regular check-ups, x-rays and breathing tests because if left untreated it can cause permanent breathlessness and scarring in the lungs. This condition may call for special treatment.

Symptoms of Sarcoidosis

The indications that suggest you have Sarcoidosis can be varied. Sometimes, the respiratory system is affected without producing any symptom other than short breath and dry cough. Sarcoid will make you feel:

  • Under the weather
  • Fever with aching joints
  • Painful eyes with blurry vision
  • Sore and swollen shins
  • Inflamed lymph glands in the neck, armpits, groin and chest
  • Sometimes there can be a rise in calcium levels in your blood.
Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis

The symptoms of Sarcoidosis are sometimes common to other chest diseases. To ensure correct treatment and to study the condition of your glands and lungs, I will advice you:

  • A chest X-ray
  • Blood tests
  • Breathing test
  • Bronchoscopy to collect a small specimen of your lung tissue.
Treatment of Sarcoidosis

If your Sarcoidosis does not cure itself, then you will need specific treatment. It does not usually relapse. Special medicines for Sacoidosis, are:

  • Steroids given in high doses over a short period followed by low doses over a long period
  • Steroids can be in the form of tablets or area specific applications like eye drops
  • Special treatment for severe cases of Sarcoidosis has to be continued for maybe a year to avoid recurrence of disease. A second course of treatment is very rarely needed to continue good health conditions.
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