Doctor Reza - The Brochoschopy Specialist, Interventional Bronchoscopist

I am an experienced interventional bronchoscopist, who has done more than 1000 procedures over the last 15 years. I have also taken a keen interest in teaching bronchoscopy best practices to my juniors in Kolkata, as I believe that every patient requiring bronchosopy should undergo this useful procedure in a trouble free manner.

Bronchoscopy is a special camera test that helps a chest disease specialist, like me, find a cause for airways and lung-specific symptoms, like:

  • Persistent coughing
  • Blood in your sputum
  • To make a specific diagnosis of your abnormal Chest X-ray
Bronchoscopy Procedure:
  • Arrive at the time mentioned by me, your specialist pulmonologist. Do not bring any valuables or large some of money.
  • If you are diabetic on tablets/insulin, discuss with me regarding your medication. If on any other tablets, please, bring them with you so that you can have them as soon as possible after the procedure
  • Make sure you have someone to take you back home
  • As an expert bronchoscopist, I will explain the specialised bronchoscopy procedure to you and obtain your written consent, do ask me if you have any nagging doubts
  • I will, then, give an injection into your muscles. This will be to relax you during the procedure and make it more pleasant for you
  • I will then spray some medicine into your throat and nose. This will be to make the passageway numb so that YOU DO NOT FEEL ANY PAIN
  • I will then gently introduced into your mouth/nose, the special bronchoscopy instrument, which is as thin as a round pencil but flexible
  • As I introduce it further into your throat, I will give more of the local anaesthetic so that you feel no pain. However this will make you cough a bit and it is necessary not to panic at this stage. JUST RELAX AND KEEP BREATHING GENTLY
  • After I visualize the insides of your lungs, as your bronchoscopy specialist, I might take some samples for analysis
  • After the procedure, I will ask you to rest a couple of hours, this will give time for the local anaesthetic to wear off. I will give you something to eat and only then allow you to leave
  • If I take a biopsy, then you might cough up a little blood. This is perfectly normal and will stop within 24 hours
  • Do not drive the same day. If you live alone, get someone to stay with you overnight.
  • Please be aware that there is no pain during the Bronchoscopy procedure. You will be conscious and comfortable. You will experience a little coughing due to medicines used to numb the insides of your throat and lungs.

    It is a very safe and routine procedure. The only rare problem is bleeding which can occasionally be troublesome.

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